Director's Message

Dear Aspiring Students, On the outset of new session, I feel honoured to welcome you all on behalf of C.R.Institute of Law, Rohtak in general and myself in particular. I also congratulate you for deciding to go for a career in Law courses which is very exciting as well as need based for solving different legal problems of our Country and the World Education, Training and Development are the largest activities in the World. C.R.Institute of Law of has envisaged an action plan for improving the quality of legal education as we believe that quality is the single most important issue in education, business and government today. Graduates from the law schools and colleges are prepared to meet the challenges of the society. Students who are not prepared to become responsible, productive citizens become burden to the society. Our students focus on quality based legal education which decreases social welfare cost. They have a positive impact on justice system as they are fully prepared to meet the need of the next generations and changing society. C.R.Institute of Law is a symbol of a highly productive ethical enterprise with a visionary zeal. Our students reflect global outlook and liberal perspective, which encourage them to lead the society, C.R.Institute of Law in particular, has left its unique footprints in the sands of India's cherished legal history. Our college comprises a team of dedicated and devoted teaching staff working for the welfare and guidance of students round the clock. You will enjoy the privilege of being mentored by the best legal minds of the country. You would gain the world class legal education consisting of both application and study of law alongside the social agenda such as legal literacy. It will offer an inspiring and enriching time ahead. I wish the aspiring law students a very good luck in their career ahead by joining C.R.Institute of Law. By acquiring expert knowledge and guidance in an optimum manner in our premises they will enable to throw themselves into a better legal environment for enabling the world citizenry to use their expertise effectively. Looking forward to your best career and bright future.